The metallurgical industry has recently been the target of investment in Ghana, making it a beneficiary of growth in the industrial sector.

Metalwork and electromechanic industry in Ghana is identified as one of the priority areas for foreign direct investments and employment of key factors of production (Ghana National Chamber of Commerce & Industry, 2017).

Metalwork and electromechanic industries in Ghana increasingly integrate new innovative technologies in both metal products and processes. The rate of technology adoption and the ability to use technology make the metallurgical industry in Ghana competitive and add value to the manufacturing sector.

The market operation for foreign suppliers in the Ghanaian metalwork and electromechanic sector has been smooth and productive over the years. This is because, Ghana has always offered the following unique blend of advantages to foreign suppliers and potential investors:

  • A demonstrated commitment to the philosophy and practice of market liberalization policies.
  • High investor confidence in the country's economy as evidenced by major successful investments in most sectors of the economy.
  • Availability of low-cost labour and a good supply of trained and trainable labour.
  • Availability of a stock exchange and other emerging financial markets.
  • Progressive institutional development as evidenced by the process of establishing export free zones and factory specific export processing zones for existing firms, as well as emerging bank and non-bank financial institutions.
  • A strategic location for communication facilities in terms of international commerce.
  • Warm and friendly people and a high degree of personal safety.
  • Ghana is a secure investment destination (the guarantees against the expropriation of private investments provided for in the law are enshrined in the Constitution).